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FCRA Regn. No. 010220252,
Approval U/S 80G (5) (VI) of I.T Act,

FCRA Regn. No. 010220252,
Approval U/S 80G (5) (VI) of I.T Act,

You are only entitled to the action, never to its fruits.

Lord Krishna imparted this knowledge to Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra, when the latter Iwas in a distressful condition. Upon receiving this knowledge returned to his happy and stable position.



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You are what you believe in. You become that which you believe you can become

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Hinduism & four Vedas : The Rig Veda, The Samaveda, Yajurveda, Atharvaveda

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Get your copy of the World's 1st Complete Musical Bhagavadgita of 700 verses with Telugu meaning
by Sri. L.V. Gangadhara Sastry

This Bhagavadgita, the summarized essence of the Upanishads, is a thriving philosophical treatise in 700 verses systematically divided into 18 chapters each one expounding one specific philosophical doctrine described as a YOGA. 

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Bhagavadgita, the Song Celestial, is a dialogue in nectarine poetry in which Bhagavan (Lord) Sri Krishna, the universal teacher, imparted knowledge of the Self and various other philosophical doctrines to Arjuna 5000 yrs. ago. Kurukshetra battlefield is the setting and Bharat (India) is the platform for the universal message of this Divine discourse of eternal relevance handed down for the well-being of humanity cutting across nations, creeds and ages.